Friday, September 23, 2005

Momma and baby

Random skyline from the beach

Diamond Head from Waikiki

Waikiki sunset

I call him "Goldie Mon"

The boys

sun sets on Waikiki

Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Iroquois Point view.

View from the beach in Iroquois Point (where we're moving), you can see Honolulu and Diamond Head Mountain (where we live now).

I never would have believed this would be in my office.

Random office photo

Lucas and daddy in his office.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Make it official

Finally. After two and a half months of being in Hawaii, we can finally make it official. I went surfing today. Well, sort of. I took a surfboard into the ocean and paddled until I couldn't move my arms, got into a pre-standing position at least twice, but didn't have a lot of success.

Magee and I both got lucky with some good used boards yesterday (Saturday), Magee's was $240, and I managed to get mine for a mere $150...same basic board, mine 7'10" and Magee's 8' both "Funboards."

We grabbed our boards while Lucas and the post night-shift JoAnna slept and walked down to Waikiki to join the masses. There were surfers everywhere. It's sort of surreal getting into the water to try and do something you've only read about and seen others do. We weren't very successful (as noted above).

After's definitely something I will be doing more of, maybe tomorrow...