Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Link to the funniest thing I've read in two years.

If you know Mark Brewer, you know he's a funny guy. If you don't know him, you will know he's a funny guy. Read This.

Finally: Disc Golf in Hawaii

In a moment of sheer serendipity, I stumbled across a co-worker who plays disc golf. Turns out there are two of my co-workers who play the monthly tournament sponsored by HDGA (Honolulu Disc Golf Association). There are a group of committed individuals (who perhaps should be "committed") that procure a one-day permit to set up a temporary course on one of O'Ahu's many parks.

The course for November was on the North Shore, and was originally designed by the two co-workers I was to be playing with. I hadn't played (throwing at baskets) in almost two years...this should be interesting.

Playing in a structured, formal disc golf tournament is very interesting if you can get past that nagging-inner-jock-tormenter that is screaming "NERD!"

There were three divisions: 1. Open 2. Am (amateur) 1 3. Am 2 -- Being new, the organizers placed me (graciously) into the low division- AM2.

I finished a solid 10 strokes behind my Am1 co-workers, but won the Am2 division by a full three strokes...not bad, but I should have been competing in the Am1 bracket.

Oh, and the best part...I hit a truck...hard...for money.
There was a closest to the pin (CTP) contest (put in a dollar, and the winner takes the pot). It was on the second hole and I threw my disc with the full intention of just putting the thing in the basket. If you've ever thrown a frisbee 150 feet, you know that aim is sometimes difficult. So, I let the thing go and I think it looks good, but then it kinda keeps going, headed straight for the road and a two stroke out of bounds penalty...Then miraculously, a Ford Ranger enters my peripheral vision and intercepts my disc perfectly blocking it's escape to out of bounds. After avoiding the angry-slow-down-and-look-at-you-though-I'm-not-sure-what-just-happened look from the driver of the truck, I walked over to the pin, looking for my disc. About five feet from the pin, nestled tightly against the base of a 50 ft pine was my beautiful Innova Champion Tie-Dyed Orc (with a slight smear of Ford Ranger gray on the top). I win the pot! That is a plan fiendishly clever in it's intricasies.

Sorry no pictures for some reason...I was too engrossed in the action (read: walking) to pull the camera from the bag.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Love this picture...uh oh, another techno-baby

Is this cheating? One house two costumes...

The walking didn't last long

Best trick-or-treat house

Be afraid!!!!

Little pumpkin-head

Trick or Treat

I went as, ummmm, a Canadian

Brothers Laughing

A video of Nathan laughing at older brother Lucas on Halloween night. Check the backup superman costume/pajamas for the end of the night. BRILLIANT!