Saturday, September 15, 2007

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Last Hawaiian Post

As I sit on the tile floor of our Hawaiian apartment writing this post, I know it will be the last from Hawaii. The past several weeks have been filled with the stress of moving 4300 miles across the ocean, but have also been filled with memory-making adventures. We've still got lots to do - including selling the car (hopefully at the dealership tomorrow), cleaning and checking out of our apartment, saying goodbye to friends, and buying our final round of Hawaiian trinkets (and Kona coffee)...

Yesterday I rode my last Hawaiian wave (at least for several years), and it was great. It started out as a washed out knee slapper, but as I made a few turns the wave stood up to about waist high, gave me enough face to drag my hand across, a few more turns, up to the nose, and the wave pushed me all the way to shore. It was a nice send-off from the Pacific.

We took Lucas (or maybe Lucas took me) to see "Surf's Up" the new animated feature about the penguins that invented surfing. I was amazed at how they perfectly animated surfing and showed the true connection that surfers have with the well as some of the scary things that can happen in big wave situations (like taking one on the head, scrambling to the surface only to find the next one crashing down before you can grab a breath...repeat). I think this was the perfect day for the movie to open, coincidentally on the day I rode my last wave...

Sharks' cove pics

Shark's Cove

One more time together...

By the time we are next near a body of water that produces surfable waves, Lucas will probably be old enough to get on his own board. This was one of the greatest thrills I've had as a parent, sharing this new and exciting experience with Lucas. Nathan is next...I hope to have a chance to teach him to surf as well. I guess there's always Florida.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

bird watcher

Nathan dunks!

A simple bowl of water was entertainment for hours for both of the boys. Nathan was getting his practice in for bobbing for apples this fall :)!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Saddest Day Ever

Our time is running out. We have 23 days and 17 hours until we leave Hawaii -- probably forever. This is sad, but it will not be the saddest day ever. The saddest day already happened. Last Tuesday I sold BOTH of my surfboards within the span of about 6 hours. Luckily, I was at work and JoAnna facilitated the sale with the two individuals who saw the boards posted on craigslist. I think I would have ended up grabbing the board out of the back of that truck and sprinting down the road (now, if you've ever tried even walking with an 8' surfboard in high winds, you'd know this would have been fun to watch).

So it was sad, but it also was a necessary step in moving on with our lives. You can't move 4300 miles (thanks google earth) without getting rid of some stuff...

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Daddy's Bed Raquetball

First, look at this face - happy, full of energy, and straight up exhausted all at the same time.

One of my favorite things -- both as a kid and now -- is playing games like "Daddy's Bed Raquetball." These are games that are made up on the spot, involve some element of a real game or sport, but ultimately are about getting really, really red in the face. These games can be played alone, but are more entertaining when played with peers who you can deride for being terrible at a game that has been in existence for 12 seconds. Other fun games that I have played like this include, "Indoor, no furniture mini-soccer," and "close-quarter, post-midnight dodgeball with unknowing player." Also, any game named using this formula: Try to hit x with y - with "x" being something ridiculous and "y" being any inanimate object.

Daddy's Bed Raquetball involved multiple objectives but basically was taking the above ball and hitting it repeatedly against the bedroom wall while at the same time defending Nathan (baby, not pictured) from stealing the ball (Lucas) or falling off the bed (Daddy). Good times.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Playing in low tide at Shark's Cove

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Oahu mmmmm....

Jim and Clover at the Malasada Truck (or mamadaddas if you ask Lucas what they are called) So what is a malasada? Only the best local Hawaiian doughnut...cinnamon or powder sugar. Very local and very delicious. I guess they have to make up for the fact that if you want an American pastry you have to go all the way to Maui for a Krispy Kreme!

Lucas and the Gecko

Wouldn't this be a great advertisement for a GEICO commerical?

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Sandy's beach- the background is real!

Blow hole at Sandy's Beach

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Maui Picture Onslaught

What you see below are the best from our pictures taken while on Maui this week.

We had a great time on our three day, two night adventure with kids in tow. It would have definitely been a different trip without the kids (read - more relaxing), but that's not how we roll. The kids both loved the demi-sub ride that we took to the reef in Lahaina, both hated the summit of Haleakala at sunset (and its 46 degree temperature), and loved the Maui Ocean Center (Aquarium).

JoAnna and Lucas both hated the Road to Hana...I'm pretty sure "Hana" is Hawaiian for "vomit," if you know what I'm sayin'.

The 'Iao Needle (pronounced "knee-dle"...just kidding...pronounced "yow") was spectacular to see and learn about (one of Kamehameha's bloodiest battles, the bodies clogged the stream - they named it Kapaniwai or the "damming of the waters").

I didn't get a chance to surf in Maui, but I was rewarded with clean 4 footers (occasional 6) at Hau Bush (on O'Ahu) this morning to wrap up Spring Break.

Enjoy the pictures.

Onboard the Reefdancer

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Hana waterfall and Lahaina Whalers Village

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View from Haleakala Visitor Center

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Watching the whales at a random scenic point

The boys in the Mall playground

'Iao Needle pic and some braddah jumping into the stream

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'Iao Needle

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