Sunday, May 22, 2005


Below are some pictures of our trip to Ft Lauderdale was good times with family.

You'll also see some pics of my graduation present...30GB photo iPod.

On a sad note. there is a picture of Lucas and Max looking out the window. That is the last picture taken of them together before we found a new home for Max...we are dog free (For those who don't know, it's because you can't get dogs into Hawaii without first having them quarantined for up 120 days at $10 per day).

The disc golf pics are from a really great course in Ft Lauderdale...It was the first course I've played outside Indiana, two states down, 48 to go (Kentucky is next week).


iPod front

iPod Pics

One last look out the window together

Obligatory Ocean Shot

Cousin Evan

Toiling in the sand fields of Ft Lauderdale

Thinks snake is real, wonders why we aren't moving

In the pool

You should see the strap mark in my sunburn

Unsucessful Eagle attempt on # 2

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

E Komo Mai

This phrase means "Join us" in Hawaiian.

We aren't kidding when we say it. We want visitors from the first day we get there and every day until we leave the islands.

If you know us well enough to read this blog, you are invited.

Again, here are the dates that I will not be in school, and will be happy to act as tour guide/tourist with any visitors while my wife toils in the underground sugar cave that is the Hawaiian hospital.

The school runs on quarters, so I will have Sept 26-Oct 7, Dec 19-Jan 6, March 20-31, and June 6-July 15 off.

Monday, May 02, 2005

First two days post graduation.

I don't get it. I graduated. Shouldn't I be happy all the time now, just grinning ear to ear?

A little depression set in yesterday; maybe it was collapsing after finishing the race.

All eyes are on Hawaii...the countdown begins -- 2months and 13days until my first day at Iroquois Point Elementary in Ewa Beach.

Tasks of finding a new home for Max :( , selling the house, giving away/lending furniture, and selling the cars now become priority #1. If you know anyone let me know.