Tuesday, May 10, 2005

E Komo Mai

This phrase means "Join us" in Hawaiian.

We aren't kidding when we say it. We want visitors from the first day we get there and every day until we leave the islands.

If you know us well enough to read this blog, you are invited.

Again, here are the dates that I will not be in school, and will be happy to act as tour guide/tourist with any visitors while my wife toils in the underground sugar cave that is the Hawaiian hospital.

The school runs on quarters, so I will have Sept 26-Oct 7, Dec 19-Jan 6, March 20-31, and June 6-July 15 off.

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Samuel Bills said...

Hawaii seems so close to CA - and yet so far away. Want to plan a layover in LA :) I think I already said that. Hope your plans are coming along