Sunday, July 24, 2005

School's IN for summer

School started this Thursday.
It's really disorienting to think that it's not even August yet and school is in session. That isn't the only thing that is disorienting about my new career.

1. For the first time in my life, I find myself saying both, "I really enjoy my job," and, "I feel useful today." (Goodbye "Gorillaz -- Clint Eastwood" life theme song: "I'm useless, but not for long")

2. Elementary kids are really Lucas...but they can run and jump and have a conversation (albeit a rambling conversation about "Halo 2", but a conversation nonetheless)...not like Lucas...yet.

3. After two days of school, I have already adjusted to the schedule. Up at 5:45, out the door by 6:30, at school by 7:15, leave school at 2:30-3:30, home by 3:30-4:30...strange. I find myself drowsy by 9:30-10:00, even on weekends. That's wierd...I'm not a morning person, at all...If I had my way, I roll out of bed at 10:00 every morning, back to bed around 12:00 for a nap...etc. Not here, alarm goes off, I spring out of bed.

That covers most of the things that are disorienting...but there is an overtone of surreality living and working in Hawaii.

In life, we tend to walk with our heads down, buried in whatever is going on inside...Hawaii forces you to dust off that haze and look around.

You get upset or worried or consumed by something and your brain kinda goes, "ummm, look up" and you see this huge, lush mountain (or turqoise wave) and you think, "now what was that I was worried about?"

That is my best explanation for the way I feel someone has shaken the cobwebs out.


pk said...


I'm loving the posts from Hawaii. I'm imagining the lush mountains and crazy waves with as much vividness as imagination allows for. Thanks for painting the word pictures for my mind to play with.

JohnLDrury said...

nice to be forced out of oneself ... something that didn't happen much in IN (except for an occasional sunrise or summer rain). glad school is already kickin'!