Sunday, November 06, 2005


I've fallen so far behind in updates, it's hard to know where to start.
There isn't much to tell, I guess.

Brandon left on Wednesday to visit LA/Vegas on his way back to we're mostly all alone. Tony, JoAnna's high school friend's brother, is staying with us for another three weeks. He is gone most of the time though.

School is going well. The last two weeks have been the busiest since I've been here...the Vice Pricipal was out to a week long conference, my fellow counselor (School-Based Behavioral Health Specialist or SBBH) had back surgery and was out for a week and a half (leaving all his counseling duties to me) and our Principal is always out one or two days a week. That left me as the only non-teacher administrative type person at the school for two full days, and a few half days. This means I basically have to perform all of those jobs (Principal, VP, SBBH, and School Counselor) on those days. Combine that with the suicidal pandemic that is sweeping our 3-6 graders, and we have a very busy day.

But, when you can leave school and surf until tend to forget about the bad stuff.

I'm going to try and add some new pictures now...last time didn't work...

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pk said...

Somebody has made a serious mistake. Tim as Principal, VP, SBBH, and School Counselor??? I don't know if this is adding up right ;-)

Great to hear from you Tim! Congrats!