Sunday, December 04, 2005

Top 5 in 2005

In keeping with a tradition established Daniel Szombathy circa 2000(right?)…this blog will be THE place to post your lists.

Top 5 Groundrules:

1. Post only 5 entries in each category. Entries must be numbered 1-5 (one being the best). Take liberties with honorable mentions.

2. Music must have a release date within 2005. Movies must have a theatrical release date within 2005.

3. When listing Books, use 2005 as the “my first read” year, not necessary to have been published in that year.

4. Before posting your lists, you must comment on another’s list.

5. Feel free to make a top 5 in 2005 for anything.

Here are my lists:


  1. Idlewild – Warnings/Promises
  2. My Morning Jacket – Z
  3. Razorlight – Up All Night
  4. The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan
  5. The Mars Volta – Frances the Mute

Honorable Mention: Interpol – Antics, Headphones – S/T, Beck – Guero, Gorillaz – Demon Days, Kanye West – Late Registration, The Evens – S/T.

DisHonorable Mention – Weezer – Make Believe (boooring), Coldplay – X&Y (anyone else hate Chris Martin?), Franz Ferdinand – You could have it so much better…(really bad sophomore slump).


  1. Batman Begins
  2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
  3. Kung Fu Hustle
  4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  5. Crash (though it was better when it was entitled “Magnolia”)

Let me just say that this list is sad to look at…these are some good movies…none of them great. This shows how far behind I am at the theatres. Some of the most anticipated movies I have yet to see (for example, Walk the Line)…somebody better have a better list than this…

DisHonorable Mention – Million Dollar Baby (Eastwood just plain bores me), The Pacifier (c’mon!!!), March of the Penguins (280 miles of shuffling), Doom.


  1. You Shall Know Our Velocity – Dave Eggers (far and away the best read of ‘05)
  2. Canadian History for Dummies – Will Ferguson
  3. Souvenir of Canada – Douglas Coupland (got homesick this year)
  4. On the Road – Jack Kerouac (finally finished)
  5. Choke – Chuck Palahniuk (the least frustrating of his books)

Your turn…


JohnLDrury said...

great lists! I am in close concurrence with your music lists, though my movies and books will differ. I am still puting mine together, and will post it during christmas break (my traditional time for annual top fives).

pk said...

Hey Tim---

You inspired me, I plan on doing something akin to this. Thanks!

Erik said...

Ah man. I am gonna have almost the same movie list. I will post another comment, and link to your site when I post my lists.

Dan said...

Idlewild...very boring album. The Remote Part was WAY better. Warning/Promises sounds like watered down REM, which is the only way you can be worse than REM.

My Morning Jacket...Everyone's calling them the "American Radiohead" that's a good thing. Still it's got some good songs, but like Radiohead, no repeat listens for me!

Razorlight...I'm looking forward to what they do in the future. Good debut.

The White Stripes...It's got some good songs on it ("Take, Take, Take" and "As Ugly As I Seem" are Jack's best) but not a good album.

Mars Volta...PROG HELL!

Sorry, T. Don't take it personally. "How can a guy who hates music, work in a record store?"

Dan said...

I think this will get you to my Best of 2005.