Monday, January 23, 2006

Photo Binge.

So we've driven past this stretch of beach about fifty times and wondered why there were always parked across the street. There doesn't seem to be anything special about this section of North Shore, actually it's a small section with more rocks than sand...nothing to look at.

But as we were following directions to "the beach where you can see the turtles" we slowly realized that this was where we were going..."Oh, that's why there's always people crowded around there." I say...everything falling into place.

I was relieved that there was one turtle there...wouldn't want to disappoint Lucas and hear him say, "Turtle, find 'em" for the next three days. We sat on the rocks and observed this quiet creature "basking" (as they say), and then we see a big rock in the water that looks like it's moving. It slowly creeps onto shore the waves sorta tossing it about and then uses the front flippers to edge up the beach (the way we've all seen on Discovery Channel, hazards of turtle egg hatching special). It was quite a treat.

Apparently, there is usually at least one turtle on this particular stretch of beach.

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