Saturday, June 17, 2006

For those of you waiting to hear.

Baby boy #2 came into our lives this morning (Fri, 6/16/06) at 12:10am.

Nathan Kainalu Horsman was born weighing 8lbs 2 ounces. JoAnna received an epidural and delivered the baby as though it was no big deal, after only 10-15 minutes of pushing. We were smiling and chatting in between pushes....kinda surreal looking back.

Both momma and baby are healthy, JoAnna received some medication shortly after the birth to help with nausea and this made her completely incoherent. It was a little sad because she didn't get to hold Nathan very long as she was falling asleep. Dadda was able to have some real good "bonding" time with Nathan while she recovered.

Lucas spent the night with babysitters and was brought to the hospital early this morning to meet his new little brother. He seemed as happy about the situation as any (near) 2 1/2 year old could be. When Lucas and Daddy came home to sleep on Friday night, Lucas said, "Baby baby Nathan, love you." cute.

A word about the name. We felt the need to have some Hawaiian influence on Nathan's name because he was born here. There is some speculation if we will stay, but in all likelihood he will be living the majority of his childhood on the mainland. We wanted him to have a reminder of where he was born. The name "Kainalu" is Hawaiian and means, simply: ocean waves. Also, as a pronunciation nall oo.


Magee said...

Congratulations! Glad to hear that everyone's healthy. Great name, by the way!

dwayne said...

Cogratulations guys!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the whole fam!!

Corey Rockey

Dave said...

Awesome dude, congratulations... Happy Father's Day! And I agree with Magee, great name.

JohnLDrury said...

woo-hoo and congrats!!!