Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Things are getting interesting around here

Quick update post.
Sunday morning at about 7am, I stirred to the feeling of my bed being jostled. It got to the point where I almost asked JoAnna to stop tossing and turning because I couldn't sleep. Then I thought, no, she's been up with Nathan...better not say anything...and promptly fell back asleep. I heard the power go off (in that I heard all the fans power down) but it didn't really register because we had been having some decent rain storms here...Lucas woke me up at around 7:30, (whispering) "Daddy, we gotta play games..."

I got out of bed, JoAnna followed. We'd been up in our quiet house long enough to eat cereal and then JoAnna's cell rings. Her mother says (speakerphone), "So, what's going on in Hawaii?" It dawned on me.

"WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE!!" I said, and awaited the details from someone 5,000 miles away.

Apparently, there was an earthquake on "Hawaii," known as "the big island," just about 200 miles away registered at 6.7 on the Richter scale. There were 40 subsequent aftershocks that registered up to 4.5 magnitude. Mostly minor damage, no fatalities or serious injuries reported. Here on O'Ahu, I guess people had pictures fall off the wall, dishes break, etc...but nothing of the sort in the Horsman household...Lucas said that he felt his bed shaking, but then I asked him if he could see giant pandas running through our backyard and he said yes again....so now I don't know what to believe.

The big thing is that we were without power for 26 hours. No big deal...JoAnna said, "Well, if there was anywhere to be without power, it would be Hawaii." Then it rained all day.


Jennie said...

Glad you guys are okay...I only knew about it because my mother-in-law called worried about you guys. Isn't she thoughtful!

Anonymous said...

I see giant pandas running around in our backyard all the time- don't you? --JoAnna

Brandon said...

Those giant pandas used to bust in your kitchen after you two were asleep and force Magee and I to cook hotdogs for them. I thought it was kind of degrading but Magee loved it!

Kristin & Shawn said...

Hi Tim,

I thought of you guys when i heard about the quake. Glad to hear that it was minor in your area. I'm still a faithful viewer of your blog. It's so nice to see pictures of you family, and especially of your adorable kids!

Oh ya, i have a blog now! www.shawnandkristin.blogspot.com

ps. You missed a great time at the family reunion this summer ;)