Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lucas surfing! Next stop Vans Triple Crown

Here are three videos of Lucas on daddy's surfboard. Notice the complete calm and ease on his face. In previous attempts to get him on my board, he has started to freak out (much like his mother did, though not quite as bad). This day (and one day since) he was all over it..."I wanna surf!" My heart swells with pride just remembering him say that...I love sharing this kind of stuff with my son. We played disc golf together today (in the backyard, and he mostly just caddied, but he loved it and so did I). So without further ado...

Video #1 (The Setup)

Video #2 (Almost There)

Video #3 (Success)


Jennie said...

That's awesome!! I had a tear in my eye!

Dave & Lynnette Mason said...

Hey Tim,

I lost your e-mail so I write here... I was at your High School tonight for a basketball game... KV Won like 111-78 or something like that... They play Fredricton tomorrow for the Regional Championship... Just thought you'd like to know.. Oh and I saw your senior picture (very nice!)... Well peace out.. E-mail me at


Brandon said...

Awesome, Lucas already surfs better than Magee, and he'll have me beat in another couple of weeks.
Hey, I'm done with boot camp and it looks like I'll be in San Diego in about two weeks. I'll call you when they let me be a human being again.